Musing on the World AIDS Day

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People say you choose your own path. However, sometimes the path chooses you and you return to tred it no matter how many more paths you walk on. That path becomes your journey and your destination. It beomes your calling. I entered the field of HIV as a 24 yr old not knowing that it will become my life. Not knowing that it would not just give me my daily bread but the much needed passion to sustain me in my darkest hour; not knowing that scores of people working to combat AIDS would become my inspiration. Not knowing that it will make me who I am today. The last decade has been the most enriching one, both personaly and professionally. I can feel the growth that my personhood has undergone. The true meaning of empathy would have eluded me if it wasn't for my work. The leasson of unconditional acceptance of a person as they are is something I would never have understood had it not been for the diversity of people who have touched my life in a million little ways. What it is to live with the virus and be determined to defeate it rather than be defeated is my learning from everything I do or have done in the last ten years. It has been a  pilgrimage of sorts for me that has introduced me to my God: humanity. Exalarting, happy, sad, a stubbornness to carry on come what may and to live life to the fullest what this voyage has been. Regardless of the choppy waters or the thunder stroms, I know the sheer grit to live, the desire to seek joy would win over every obstacle, including the virus.

To the field that gave me the most precious gift : The calling of my life. Let's fight the virus together. The journey has just begun.

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