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During this pandemic, we struggled a lot in many fields like health, lack of education system, extreme drop in employement, and one problem that worsen during this pandemic is the rise of plastic waste. With the regulation of partial or even total lockdown in some regions, most of people stay at home while working and doing activities. And the demand of ordering products online is increased due to this situation. Moreover, almost all sellers using single use items as their packaging for efficient way. But, as we know that single use items like plastic waste takes hundred years to decomposed. While single use items not only used as packaging, but also in medical needs such as pippets, mask, shield, and more. This problem also contributing to adverse environmental and health effects.

By all means, living sustainably by supporting our goals toward 2030 recently is extremely unstable. Waste management and the role of community and government are urgently needed to face this challenge. While government should be taking step by creating regulation about waste management and ensuring its implementation in the community, we can't fully depend on governement to take care of this problem alone. We, as the community of our own society could do our best to support government by living more sustainably like managing our waste, using 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) concept in our daily life. It will go well if every parties working together. It all depend on us, we can choose wether to take small action for a better world, or just watch and let the world take its anger on us.

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