A trainee's perspective in Nepal on the transformative power of psychosocial counseling in nursing care

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A trainee's perspective in Nepal on the transformative power of psychosocial counseling in nursing care

In an environment where nurses frequently deal with extreme stress and adversity, including psychosocial counseling into nursing care has shown to be an essential means of empowerment and support.

Like many other nations, Nepal is home to committed nurses who deal with a variety of difficulties on a daily basis, such as lengthy workdays and emotionally taxing patient care. The development of psychosocial therapy has provided a ray of hope in such a setting.

In nursing care, psychosocial therapy offers a private, secure setting for nurses to share their ideas, feelings, and worries. It promotes self-awareness and self-care, which aids nurses in properly managing their mental health. This has been a game-changer in a society where talking about mental health concerns is typically stigmatized.

As a trainee psychosocial counselor, I have seen firsthand how better coping mechanisms and stress management may help nurses. They gain resilience and avoid emotional depletion by learning to identify the symptoms of burnout and compassion fatigue. Thus, improving patient care while also benefiting the nurses personally is the result of this.

Moreover, psychosocial counseling improves nursing practitioners' collaboration and communication. An atmosphere of compassion and cohesion develops in the healthcare industry as they support and learn from one another. This is a big step in the right direction for bettering patient outcomes in Nepal, where the healthcare system is always changing.

In conclusion, nursing practitioners in Nepal and elsewhere may greatly benefit from the incorporation of psychosocial counseling into nursing care. It builds resilience, improves their emotional health, and creates a more encouraging and efficient healthcare system. By sharing our experiences, I aim to encourage more nations to understand the value of psychosocial counseling in nursing care, which will improve patient care by changing the lives of healthcare personnel.

Shanta Sapkota

MA Psychology(Clinical) and BSC Nursing (MOE scholarship) and pursuing six months training course on psycholosocial counseling through Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt ltd.


Position: Psychosocial Counselor